Furby Boom Review

Furby Boom Review Hasbro rebooted their stuffed toy Furby last year, and it was met with huge success with parents flocking to buy the cute little companion toy for their kids. The revamped version featured all-new LED eyes, distinct personalities, and it also had a companion app which users could use on their tablets to interact with their Furby friend. This year, they’ve updated the Furby Boom further and introduced six new stylish patterns, increased the on-board storage, and made the companion app much slicker with tons of new features. It has bold new patterns such as polka dots and wave designs, extra responses, five new personalities to find out, and the app also makes it possible to hatch a new generation of Furblings.

Furby Boom Features:

1. Features new patterned designs: Peacock, Polka Dots, Waves, Triangles, Zigzag Stripes and Straight Stripes.

2. Includes more than twice the responses included along with it as compared to the previous Furby model.

3. The Furby Boom will also shape its personality depending on how you treat it.

4. You can collect, hatch and shape virtual Furblings to populate your virtual city included in the Furby Boom app. To make things exciting, you can try to attain the rare golden Furblings egg.

5. The Furby Boom app can be used to meet the demands of your Furby Boom creature by imparting it with food, virtual showers, medical checkups, and much more.

6. Once you’ve given your Furby Boom a name, it will remember it from there on. Your Furby Boom will also remember all he names of other Furby Boom creatures it meets.

7. Instructions on how to use the toy are included along with the package. The Furby Boom requires 4 AA alkaline batteries for its operation.

The new Furby Boom app ups the ante with a mind of its own. It works symbiotically with the stuffed creature to create perfect harmony between physical and digital interactivity. You can groom your Furby to the personality you want to, and then proceed to hatch and raise more Furblings in the Furby Boom app. There are also many games such as Furball that you can play with your Furblings. Adding on to those features, you can also take care of your Furby by feeding it with food, bathing it in virtual showers, taking it to a medical checkup, and so on.

Furby Boom Pros

1. The new and improved Furby Boom comes in many stylish patterns that one can choose from. There are six different designs to choose from, and all of them have a modern appeal to them.

2. It contains more personalized responses now than before, and it also reacts to how it is being treated. You can groom its personality by treating it accordingly, just like you would do with a pet.

3. It has more on-board storage now than before, which makes it possible to store more data on it. As a result, it will remember the name that you give it, and it will also remember the names of other Furby Boom friends it will meet.

4. The Furby Boom app is one of the best companion app on the market for any product. It has tons of features that you and your kids can use to interact with your Furby digitally. It is available for both Apple and Android tablets.

5. You can collect eggs, hatch them, and also raise virtual Furblings to populate your virtual city inside the app. These Furblings can also participate in many digital activities such as playing Furball and many other games.

6. The Furby Boom has a mind of its own, and there are certain needs that it requires to be met regularly. You can feed it, bathe it in virtual showers, take it to an X-ray examination, and much more.

7. It combines both physical and digital interactivity perfectly, which makes it interesting for young kids to play with.

Furby Boom Cons

1. It requires 4 AA batteries to operate, which need to be bought separately.

2. It can be a bit loud at time, but it depends on what you consider as loud.


The Furby Boom is an amazing companion creature toy from Hasbro. It was a success when it was first launched in 1998, and it was also a huge success when it was rebooted last year, but the new version just takes it into a whole new territory altogether. Electronic toys are tipped to be hot sellers this Christmas, and the Furby Boom is one of the leading electronic toys on the market. Amazon is currently selling the toy at a discounted rate, and with holiday season approaching fast, you better act fast, especially if you want to buy the design of your choice. Your kids would definitely love to play and spend time with Furby Boom.


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